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How to Shop the Catalog

How to Shop the Catalog

Mustang Parts Catalog

Scott Drake Mustang Parts Catalog

Download a copy now free or purchase one for the garage (downloadable copy is PDF file) The newest Scott Drake Retail Catalog is bigger and better than ever before. This catalog features a heavier color-cover, brighter inside pages, perfect bound for a more professional look and for easier stacking, and an extra 40 pages of parts and descriptions.



1970 Mustang

200cid 1V 6-cyl 120 hp T Code
250cid 2V V-8 155 hp   L Code
302cid 2V V-8 220 hp   F Code
302cid 4V V-8 290 hp Boss G Code
351cid 2V V-8 250 hp 351W & 351C H Code
428cid* 4V V-8 300 hp   M Code
428cid 4V V-8 335 hp Cobra Jet Q Code
428cid* 4V V-8 335 hp Cobra Jet-R R Code
429cid 4V V-8 375 hp Boss Z Code

Convertible, standard $3,025
Coupe, standard $2,721
Coupe, Grandé, standard $2,926
Fastback, standard $2,771
Fastback, Mach 1, standard $3,271
Special, Boss 302 $3,720
Special, Boss 429 $4,928
GT350 Convertible $4,753
GT500 Convertible $5,027
GT350 Fastback $4,434
GT500 Fastback $4,709

Convertible 7,673
Coupe 82,569
Coupe, Grandé 13,581
Fastback 45,934
Fastback, Mach 1 40,970
Special, Boss 302 7,013
Special, Boss 429 499
Total 191,239

In 1970, Mustang got a small scoop on the outside of the headlamps. The GT was removed from the lineup and would not return until 1982.

Ford made 96 Twister Specials for Kansas Ford dealers. They were Grabber Orange Mach 1s with special decals. Ford also made a few Sidewinders, which were built in Dearborn, shipped to Omaha, and sold in Iowa and Nebraska. They were available in Grabber Green, Grabber Blue, Calypso Corral, and Yellow. The stripes came in the trunk and the dealers had the option of installing them on the car. Visit The Pony Site for more info on Sidewinders.

Boss 429 sported a 429 cubic inch hemi-head V-8 that required suspension modifications so it would fit. Only 499 Boss 429s were made in 1970. They were available in Grabber Blue, Grabber Green, Grabber Orange, Calypso Coral, and Pastel Blue. Interiors were black or white. For more information on Bosses, visit and

The 789 remaining 1969 Shelbys in Ford inventory after the model year were titled as 1970 models. These were modified to include a front air dam and a blackout point treatment around the outboard hood scoops.

Ford created two 1970 Boss 429 Lawmen Mustangs for tour to U.S. troops. Only one of these 1200-horsepower beasts survives today, and it was sold to wrestler Bill Goldberg in the 2003 Barrett-Jackson Auction.